Who We Are

Mirchi is an Indian cuisine restaurant available for private events and catering. We are located in Franklin, MA and are ready to serve you!

At Mirchi, we believe every dish should taste as good as it looks with vibrant flavors from delicious, whole foods and premium ingredients. All our dishes are hand-made from scratch with high standards and heartfelt dedication from our head chefs and prep cooks. Mirchi is an unconventional restaurant that serves traditional meals from three distinct cultures with passion and pride. We desire to make enticing meals that advocate for a tasteful experience - we want our customers to know Mirchi's purpose goes beyond flavorful food as we aspire to serve our clients with exceptional dishes that leave a lasting impression.

We love to serve our local community in Franklin, MA, and the surroundings cities. Mirchi's mission is to market the most authentic and true to form meals in the restaurant industry and catering business. We thrive in the food service sector and aim to deliver our very best by exceeding our clients' expectations. From the first ingredient to the last dish delivered to the table, our agenda is to provide incredible cuisine and exceptional service. It is our privilege to cater to our clients with distinguished dishes - quality food requires valuable ingredients, so we source our products from localized, ethical resources that uphold supreme specifications. To further suit are customer's preferences, we showcase a variety of vegetarian and vegan dishes, so diet restrictions and unique eating styles are rightfully acknowledged.

What We Do

We believe quality is in simplicity. All our food is prepared with fresh, natural ingredients. Every dish contains no artificial flavors or colors and is prepared in their original forms as intended throughout history. Mirchi wants its customers to taste the value of culture in every bite and appreciate what good and hearty food tastes like. All we do reflects our love and respect for cultural cuisine - we want our customers to taste the art of cooking through lively flavors. From ingredient sourcing to dish delivery, Mirchi's intention is to serve food lovers superb cuisine that embodies the wonderful essence of global seasonings and garnishes. For us, food is an adventure, and we are always excited to take our customers on a tasteful journey

With our level of excellence, we want Mirchi to be an incomparable option within the catering service sphere. We are committed to quality and do our best to deliver food that surpasses our customer's anticipation. The aroma and experience of our food is a twist on traditional as we invite our customers to taste historical dishes from around the globe. We offer private event and catering services that include meal deliveries, dining accommodations, and hosting options.

Mirchi proudly serves local and long-distant clients with premium delivery and catering packages. Whether it is a light brunch or a full-course meal, Mirchi has its clients covered with outstanding dishes and commendable service.